Best Camera Drones For Photography

Best Camera Drones – Drones are gaining popularity not only because they fly like fun toys but also because they can be used all over the world for photography and videography by professional as well as amateur photographers.

They are also becoming popular among photographers because they enable them to capture images from various angles to make them more spectacular.

The information provided here under can help you in choosing the best camera drone for photography.

History of Drones

Drones are the unmanned aerial vehicles that are controlled remotely. Initially, they were flown by using radio control or catapulting.

Earlier they were produced by the US army in 1918 but could not be used in WWI. Later on, they were used in many wars like the Vietnam War, etc. on a large scale for attacking the enemies.

Today drones are used for many functions like search operations after natural calamities, monitoring climatic changes, delivering goods and photography, etc.

Types of Drones

Drones can be categories on different criteria like their usage, size, and structure. On the basis of their usage drones can be classified as drones for aerial mapping, drones for surveillance and drones for photography, etc.

However, on the basis of their purpose and size, there are 5 different types like:

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• Mini drones
• Hobby drones
• Professional drones
• Racing drones
• Selfie drones

Best Camera Drones For Photography

1. Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone, by DJI

best camera drones

This Photography drone has a camera with a 20MP 1-inch Megapixel CMOS sensor onboard. It has been redesigned to use by professional photographers.

It senses obstacles in 5 directions while taking photos as well as videos perfectly.

It allows you to shot 4K at 60fps with H.264 and at 30 fps with H.265 with a bit rate of 100Mbps. it can fly for 30 minutes at the most. Price of this drone is $1,729.00.

2. Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon RTF Quadcopter Drone by Beach Camera

best camera drones for photography

This photography drone includes an adaptor to convert 100-240v AC to 12v DC for proper working.

It also includes 2 rotor/propeller blades B, US plug for 2 pieces of rotor/propeller blade A and a 4k CGO3 3-Axis Camera with Gimbal RTF to capture images and 4K videos in the air and on the ground.

It can fly easily and safely while taking the best photos and videos.

3. Mavic Pro 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller by DJI

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This drone has an additional battery to allow you to shoot uninterruptedly. Its transmission range is up to 7 km or 4.3 miles. It can fly up to 27minutes at a speed of 64 kmph or 40 mph. you can shoot images and videos smoothly as it has been fully stabilized. You can use your phone with a Wi-Fi connection to fly it easily. Price of this drone is $899.

4. Solo Quadcopter by 3DR

good camera drones 2020

You can use this camera drone costing $575 to take pictures even if you are new to it as it has a controller like in games.

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You can easily control your drone and camera by giving it command through a pushbutton. With a single touch, you can fly, pause in air and land it easily.

You can start and stop taking photos and shooting videos as well as adjust your camera with a click.

5. AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadcopter by Parrot

camera drones 2020

This drone can easily be updated as per the requirements of the FAA. This drone can be controlled remotely by using an android or iOS tablet or Smartphone.

While flying it you can record 720p HD quality videos and photos on your tablet or Smartphone. You can share the pictures and videos directly through this drone.

6. Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter by DJI

best camera drones 2020

Its fully stabilized 3-axis Gimbal camera can record 4k UHD videos even in the indoors with the help of its Vision Positioning System.

You can view 720p videos live by digital streaming through Lightbridge. It also includes a rechargeable remote control and battery to fly it effectively.

You can control its functions and view images and videos through your android or iOS devices. $999 is its price.

7. W1PRO GPS Drone with 1080P Camera by Cheerwing

camera drones for photography

This drone has a dual camera, 1080p and 720p to provide you the best photos and videos perfectly.

It includes GPS to fly it worry-free as it will return home if its battery is low. It follows you automatically wherever you go with its GPS mode.

Its functions can be controlled easily by an adult as well as a kid with one button. Its maximum time to fly is 18 minutes.

You can use its palm control mode to control its flight with your specific gestures. You can extend its time to fly by using two batteries if you want to fly it for a longer time. Its price is $149.99.

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8. A6-B Skyview Pro RC WiFi Drone with Camera by Amcrest

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You can use the Amcrest SkyView app to fly this drone costing $77.99 efficiently. Its 1.3 MP HD camera can allow photographers to capture all actions from a 90-degree wide angle of viewing.

You can use a 6-axis gyroscope built in it and Altitude Hold function to keep it steady in the air according to the pressure of air in the atmosphere.

You can fly it in any direction with the help of its feature Headless Mode to record videos and photos of the best quality. Its range of communication is 300meters or 984 feet.

It can be operated in the range of temperature from -14 to 104 degree F. it can fly up to 20 minutes after recharging its battery fully in just 180 minutes. Batteries for remote control and flight batteries can be bought separately.


The reviews of some of the best camera drones for photography provided in this write-up can help you in buying the most suitable one for you easily.

However, before buying a camera drone you should go through the laws of your state as flying drones are not allowed in certain states or in specific areas.

Moreover, you should also consider the weather conditions of the area where you want to use this camera drone.

You should also check the capability of the drone to record long high-quality videos in one take.

Thus by following these tips, you can buy the best camera drone for capturing photos and videos on any occasion.


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