Best Spotting Scope For Hiking, Hunting & Birdwatching

Best Spotting Scope – If you’re planning to go for hiking, hunting or birdwatching anytime soon either you need to consider taking the best spotting scope with you.

Well, it can be described as a miniature telescope that is portable and it is built for outdoor usage. They are monocular, unlike the binoculars.

They offer various advantages that we shall see later in the article and are mostly used when it comes to long-range Markships, bird watching, hunting, camping, and even maritime activities.

Typically, they are optical devices that offer various magnification levels over long distances. Read on and learn more.

6 Best Spotting Scopes

1. Vortex Razor HD

Vortex Razor HD

If you are looking for a device with turning resolution and fine details then this is the best you can have. Its lenses are protected from scratches, oil, and dirt because of its ultra-hard coating design.

It will also deliver clear, bright and color-accurate images that give it impressive performance.


  • Easy to focus
  • Great quality scope
  • Ideal for spotting birds
  • Awesome clarity and lighting
  • Ideal for sporting birds


  • It is no so durable

2. Barska 20-60×60 waterproof scope with Tripod stand

best spotting scope for student

It is a well-designed device with multi-coated optics that produce clearer images because of its wider viewing range. It is also very appropriate especially when you are hunting or watching birds.

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Another use of this device is that it can also be used to observe lunar or spotting objects within the range of a riffle.

Besides, it has good magnification and zooming power and its entire landscape or surveying is not difficult when it comes to higher magnification because it doesn’t lose its fine crystal clear images.


  • It is recommended for ranging
  • It is not affected by harsh weather because of its waterproof design


  • Difficult to adjust focus
  • It has a flimsy tripod
  • It is difficult to read the mailbox number from a distance.

3. Celestron 52252 100mm Ultima Zoom

reviews of best spotting scopes

The tube design is among some notable features of this device which makes it effective when it comes to targeting of objects.

It also has improved performance when it comes to adventure trips or hunting and it is backed up with the lifetime warranty.

Additionally, you’ll get to enjoy long ranges because of its optical rubber tube which makes observation easy. It is also designed to deliver better in areas with poor lighting conditions.


  • It offers great focusing ability
  • It is ideal for observations and ranging
  • It is constructed using quality materials.


  • It is difficult to interchange LER eyepiece
  • It produced dull images at a range of 100 yards.
  • Its cover Breaks easily

4. Emarth 20-60x60AE Waterproof with a Tripod

how to chose the best spotting scopes

This is yet another impressive device that is designed for naturalists, travelers, hunters, and bird viewing. It has good target clarity and enhanced brightness which collectively produce is amazing images.

It is also very durable irrespective of whether because of the waterproof design which improves its operations.

Ideally, this device has well protected by its shock-absorbing rubber design-build on quality materials to enhance its functionality and durability.

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  • Recommended for beginners
  • Ideal for 100 yards range
  • Easy to produce clear images


  • Let cap falls easily
  • You can obtain blurry images sometimes

5. Praktica Hydan 20-60 x 60

spotting scopes vs binocular

This is a budget-friendly device that features a 60mm objective lens with a long-range. It also delivers sharp and bright images with contrast even in low light. It is relatively lightweight and small which makes it more portable. You will also get to enjoy a 25-year warranty.


  • You will enjoy frill-free features and accessories
  • It offers a low zoom range
  • It has a wider field of view


  • It lacks waterproof capabilities.

6. Bushnell Sentry 18-36 x 50

good spotting scopes for beginners

It is a sleek-looking device with a straight eyepiece which might require you to spend some more money but it is worth it because of its proper optics and impressive waterproof features that can even allow it to be submerged in water but it will stay dry.

It has multi-coatings to ensure there is no reflection so that it can provide images with high contrast hence impressive optical performance.

It is s also comfortable because of the twist-up eyecups. Additionally, it is relatively portable and manageable.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Has impressive value


  • Eye relief is not that great
  • It is slightly heavier

Factors to consider when choosing

After knowing the different types of spotting scopes and their respective features it is also important to know what factors to go for to make better decisions.

Angled Vs straight

guide and reviews of best spotting scopes

The two main types to consider include angled or straight devices. The straight ones are very comfortable especially when you are using it and at an uphill angle.

They are easier to store in a backpack, the target acquisition is faster and it is less likely to collect snow and water when not in use.

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However, the tripod needs to be taller since crouching can be awkward.

On the other hand, the angled allows the use of a shorter tripod stand, it is more comfortable, people can easily switch based on their height and it is easy to use on steep terrain.

However, they can collect water when not in use, they are difficult to be stored and it is not possible to spot downhill.


You also need to know the required magnification depending on the altitude and the climatic condition that you will be spotting the target objects.

Eye relief features

It is also important to consider eye relief features because it ensures you’re comfortable enough to spot from Long-distance range for long hours without straining your eyes.

Consider if it has a tripod stand

A tripod helps in better quality visuals because it reduces shaking by providing stability. Thus, it is better to purchase a device that comes with a good tripod stand.

Spotting scopes vs Binoculars

The spotting scopes and binoculars relatively perform similar functions but the main difference is that spotting scopes have a single lens and single eyepiece while the binoculars have two lenses and two eyepieces.

When it comes to magnification binoculars have overlapping magnification for the high-end binoculars while on the other hand, the magnification of spotting scopes is very high which makes it difficult to use them without any stabilization device or Tripod stands.

Therefore, if you want to view from long-distance go for the spotting scope. The binoculars are good for medium ranges.

Finally, you have no option but to choose the best spotting scope to spice up your hiking, hunting or birdwatching.

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