Best Steering Wheels for PC Gaming [2020]

Best Steering Wheels – PC gaming has continued to evolve over the years. Even though consoles have been the leading figure in gaming, technological advancements in PCs has leveled the playing field.

The best steering wheels are compatible with various games to provide the gamers with not only the experience of gaming but the enthralling feel.

The recent past gaming controllers were used for simulation. Although, currently steering wheels are being invented to provide the ultimate experience for gamers.

Depending on the budget there are a variety of steering wheels in the market the following is just a sneak peek of 8 of the best steering wheels for PC games in 2019.

Steering Wheel 1: Thrustmaster T300RS

Best Steering Wheels

The wheel offers premium at its best, displaying all the character traits befitting the best steering wheels in the market.

Great responsive force feedback provides the gamer with the most natural feeling of indulging in a game with a 1080 degree radius. However, lack of a handbrake feature and steep prices ranging from $349 may discourage consumers.

Steering Wheel 2: Logitech G920 Driving Force

Best Steering Wheels

If you are searching for a mid-ranged price steering wheel, then look no further than the Logitech G920. Smooth steering wheel action and similar force feedback and rumble as other premium racing wheels with 1080 degree radius.

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The only downside being hard braking. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful addition, and at $230 it offers excellent value for money.

Steering Wheel 3: Thrustmaster TX “Leather edition.”

Best Steering Wheels

The steering does not have a lot of differences with the T300RS model. However, it offers better control and a customized leather wheel detachable from the integral component with a 900-degree turning radius.

Moreover, it provides better pedals, although it does not incorporate a stick shift, prices range from $469.

Steering Wheel 4: Logitech G29 Driving Force

Best Steering Wheels

A significant improvement on the previous model G27. Incorporating great force feedback and rumble.

The component has also included ABS and TCS systems making it one of the best steering wheels that allow smoother control and more realistic braking experience.

Moreover, a rotation angle of 900 degrees and LED lighting is supported through games that are equipped to display. However, the stick shift is not included coming in at a price range of $211.

Steering Wheel 5: Thrustmaster TMX

steering wheels

The Thrustmaster organization had an entry level steering wheel console in mind while building the device.

The wheel offers rumble and force feedback but not at similar levels as the premium racing wheels with a rotation angle of 900 degrees.

Moreover, the components are not equipped with the clutch. Therefore at a reasonable price of $199, it’s an excellent addition.

Steering Wheel 6: Thrustmaster T150

steering wheels

An entry-level model that has incorporated customized Ferrari branding. Offers genuine rumble and force feedback response; however, the component is not equipped with a clutch pedal.

Other additional parts come at extra costs. Ranging from $199 on various stores it’s a cosmetic steering wheel which will purportedly satisfy your simulation needs, and a rotation angle of 900 degrees is not too bad either.

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Steering Wheel 7: Thrustmaster VG T300 “Ferrari Alcantara Edition.”

steering wheels

These are an improved model of the T150 with patent Ferrari Alcantara branding giving the most realistic feel of driving a Ferrari.

All the pedals are adjustable and made from solid metal. Additionally, the force feedback and rumble is magnificent. However, coming in at roughly $500, you have to break the bank for the console.

Steering Wheel 8: Hori Apex Racing Wheel

steering wheels for pc

Well, these can be termed as the most affordable third-party controller on the list. It does not offer force feedback. However, it provides some form of the rumble in dual shock vibration.

However, it’s highly customizable, and due to the programmable features, a facelift is quite natural. Nonetheless, for the fair price of $138, the Hori steering wheel may be amongst the best steering wheels at an affordable price.

In conclusion, gaming racing wheels are designed to enhance the gamers feel and experience.

It’s not all about dull playing, but heart-wrenching bursts of excitement during those tight angles or that drag race win that you always want to cherish.

Thus, head on to your nearest physical store or website and get the best steering wheel that suits you and your budget.

Written by: Susan

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