Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Best Tempered Glass – It feels so awful having a scratch on your smartphone’s screen. Smartphones are costly and it is hard for many to live without.

It is unreasonable to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone and end up losing its resale value as a result of cracks on it. This glass on your gadget is scratch resistant and offers your phone the best protection you ever wanted.

This doesn’t mean that it can’t break but even if it does, it is easier to replace it than replacing the entire screen. Let’s look at the 7 best tempered glass screen protector available today!

1. IQ Shield Liquid Shield

best tempered glass

This screen guard will cover the screen of your phone perfectly and offer it the maximum protection you need. It is thin and flexible with four layers of coating to prevent the screen from UV yellowing.

It’s adhesive offers a strong bond to your device’s screen giving protection against scratches and dirt. Prepare $9 to buy it.

2. IVSO Ultra-Thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best tempered glass

This is another great choice of the best tempered glass screen protector. It offers your phone the protection you need from bumps, drops and scratches.

It is scratch resistant and covers the whole screen from one end to the other, resist oil and in case of water, it drips it off the screen. Price is at $6

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3. Olixar Film Screen Protector

good tempered glass

Just like Oxilar is so popular in manufacturing many great devices accessories, so is their screen guard.

It doesn’t offer much protection when it comes to drops and bumps but you are sure of excellent protection from scratches.

It is so thin and easy to apply but you have to check on air bubbles during application. Get it at $6

4. Topaz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

tempered glass

This screen guard adds on to the list of best tempered glass screen protectors. It is hard enough to resist from scratches, drops and bumps. It’s coating is resistant to oil and fingerprints.

It comes with adhesives at the edges only but this is not as effective as full adhesive would be. Topace glass screen guard is higher in price ranging at $10 .

5. Skinomi Matteskin Anti-glare Screen Protector

best tempered glass

This is for those looking for a bright and fantastic display. It is designed to cut down glare from direct sunlight and to offer protection from scratches, fingerprints and dirt.

The greatest feature that comes with this screen guard is the matte coating. The coating doesn’t guarantee much clarity but you will never get into contact with the annoying glare. Its price is $9

6. PULEN Tempered Glass Screen Protector

screen protector

This is another stylish best tempered glass screen guard to cover your phone edge to edge. It’s edges that a thicker than those of Olixar requiring you to line them up more carefully.

It comes in two packs offering you a spare screen protector incase you mess up the first one during installation. You can get it at $10

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7. LK Flexible Film Screen Protector

screen protector for mobile phones

This is a well-designed, clear and easy to apply screen guard you can ever come across. It comes in 3 pack and this is an advantage if you happen to mess up one during application.

In case of cracks, you have spares to replace. It has an advantage over other single pack screen guards. Get it at $10

Wrapping Up :

There is need to protect your phone and maintain its value for resale purposes. Besides that, it is just good to have your phone retain its original look.

Buying a screen protector is way cheaper than having the screen replaced. Hopefully, the above list of best tempered glass screen protectors was helpful.

Written by: Leelie

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