For the past sixty-five years or so, fresh, edgy genres of music in America were the medium of communication used by the nation’s counter-cultural movement. The beatniks of the 50’s, hippies of the 60’s and 70’s, and gangsta rap wave of the 90’s are examples of how new forms of music were used to express cultural dissent. Millions and millions of American youth were lured into the anti-America, anti-biblical-values movement, which as we see today in 2015, now possesses the highest seats of power in government, media, academia, and entertainment. Many teenage and college age Americans seem historically drawn to express their independent spirit by joining anti-establishment causes, the songs of which easily become powerful anthems passionately marched to in their meaningful rebellion against what society has demanded they comply with. 


However, as cultural cycles generally go, the rebellion has now become the Establishment. It is no longer brave, bold, or rebellious in our nation to declare the death of the Christian God, promote Marxism, rail against moral absolutes, blame capitalism for the poor, paint cops as racists deserving of death, waive the fascist rainbow flag of the big gay agenda (when you’re on the side of basically every major American corporation, you are officially no longer a rebel), be a radical environmentalist and/or generally spew the “America the evil” narrative. The leftist, secular humanist, socialist rebellion can no longer point an accusing finger and shake their fists in the direction of Washington D.C. because now they areWashington D.C. They can complain all they want about evil “corporations” (as if they all can somehow be lumped together for ethical purposes) but they now run them. Put this way: Rage Against the Machine has now become the machine to rage against


For those of us who love God and country and have watched in disbelief as our nation’s culture, customs, institutions, and way of life have been turned upside-down and inside-out by the militant, fascist Secular Left, we have some great news: though the situation looks bleak, our opportunity to impact the culture and win the kinship of the next generation has never been greater. The time to restore hearts to God in America is now. For the first era since before the Founding, the American Dream is, once again, the vision of the rebel. As the nation’s sitting President famously said on behalf of the entrenched national, corporatist, post-liberty machine in regard to us patriots: “They cling to their guns and religion.” 


The Establishment of the new, different, fundamentally transformed America is on a mission to take them from us. As a representative voice of the rebellious, non-compliant, God-loving, gun-toting, truth-telling, morals-espousing, capitalist, spirit-of-the-founding powered life, liberty, and virtue demanding contemporary rebellion, We Are Watchmen responds: Melon Labe (come and get it)! Big Government, Big Media, Big Entertainment, and Big Academia are imposing their tyrannical Establishment position of Secular Leftism on us and we will not comply! We are the rebels now and though we may be outgunned, we will not surrender, we will fight tooth and nail with whatever we have, wherever we are. Now, we ask: with the elucidation of this purpose, identity and message, who wins the hearts of the adventurous, rebellious youths of America today? Will it be the Establishment or the resistance? Whose songs will blast in the streets of our nation’s beleaguered cities? 


It is in this spirit and for this purpose that We Are Watchmen is releasing our debut album, scheduled for the streets on 9.11.15. The self-titled album will blend contemporary genres such as rap, rock, and R&B to put the voice of the Founding in the contemporary tongue. The songs will be on topics such as calling the American churches to civic duty, the struggle for liberty in America versus our current plight, the American Abortion Holocaust, sex-trafficking, homelessness, restoring biblical faith in America, standing with/honoring beleaguered local law enforcement, and more. 


These are songs of resistance. These are songs of solid, absolute truth in an era of shaky relativism. These songs sound off in faith against an era of doubt. These songs fight on behalf of the unborn babies, with no voices to speak or power to defend themselves in the Holocaust they’re suffering at the hands of the Secular Left today. These songs proudly boast American citizenship over world citizenship and pitch the American Dream with pride. These songs boldly stand for Jesus against the tidal wave of anti-Christian sentiment in the Establishment. Be careful: blaring the songs of this album is an act of Thoughtcrime against the Party. We are putting this album forth as a weapon for the soldiers in the movement, the rebellion against the Establishment to restore our great nation and ward off a bleak future of Enslavement to the tyranny of the Secular Left. Music has great power as a tool of the resistance. As the famous exiled, 17th century Scottish insurrectionist Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun declared: “Let me write the songs of a nation: I don’t care who writes its laws.” 


If you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with We Are Watchmen in culture wars against the Secular Left, if we share in the brotherhood of the spirit of the Founding and faith in God, please consider supporting our project financially. We are in need of resources to get the music, message, and movement under the lights, on the stage and to the streets.  In the independent spirit, we are going directly to the grassroots, to the resistance amongst the citizenry for support. Any amount will be utilized for the above purpose with fervor and your contribution means the world to us. We thank you wholeheartedly in advance, brothers and sisters! As always, your prayers are coveted.