Everything You Need to Know About Moon Craters

The mystery about the moon craters has remained untold for many years. Well, in this article we are going to discover more about the moon’s existence and the craters present on its surface. Read on and find out.

How Many Craters Are On The Moon

moon craters

Have you ever tried to imagine the number of craters that are present in the moon? Well, there are numerous craters on the moon especially when you look through a telescope.

The scientists have approximated that there are around one million craters with 5,185 at a distance of 12 miles across. This makes it hard to determine the exact number of craters that are on the moon.
Here is an estimate of the crater size which corresponds with the number of craters.

  • 20 km in size-5185 craters
  • 1 km -approximately 1 million.

Therefore from such sampling criteria, we can conclude that the number of craters found on the moon is exponential to the size.

How Do Craters Help us Age The Moon

The use of telescope has greatly helped astronomers to estimate moons age. Craters can be used to estimate the age of the moon because they never disappear once they have been created.

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The moon has no seas, weather, and tectonics. Therefore it is possible to estimate the moon’s age by counting the number of times the meteors hits and its frequency. The data obtained can be used to determine the age of the moon.

How Old is The Moon

moon craters

Determining the age of the moon has been made possible by closely analyzing the lunar craters and making a comparison with the meteor hit rate. Therefore, researchers have been able to establish that the real age of the moon approximately 4.40 bn-4. 45 billion years.

What Does Crater Mean

We have always used the word crater but it is possible that its meaning is far fetched. Galileo way back in 1609 made an important discovery that the moon is not a perfect sphere.

This is because it had some viable bowl-shaped depressions which are called the crater or rather the vessel in Creek. These depressions are what are terminally known as craters.The large ones can be visible with the use of a powerful telescope.

How Are Craters Made on The Moon

When the meteors collide with the moon’s surface there are high chances that the crater can be formed depending on the hit rate and the intensity. In such a case we are referring to high-velocity collisions.

Scientists discovered a visible moon crater in 2003 which is believed to have been caused by a meteorite which was weighing 40 kg with a hit rate of 40,000 mph. The angle of approach and the speed characterized the size of the crater formed.

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What Is The Oldest Crater on The Moon

Bailly which is located southwest of the moon is believed to be the largest crater It is over three billion years old and based on its size and appearance it is believed to be a lunar impact crater.

These craters are easily recognizable because of the following features:-

  • It has a central peak
  • Crater wall and floor
  • A raised rim

These help in distinguishing various types of craters and their sizes. Old craters can accommodate the smaller ones depending on the size of the crater. Additionally, the dark side of the Moon contains old craters and over time small craters have been created.

How Are Craters Named

Giovanni Battista who is an Italian Astronomers started a tradition whereby the craters were to be named after late explorers and scientists.

The largest crater which is popularly known as Bailly was named courtesy of French astronomer Jean Sylvain Bailly who has made lots of contributions in this field including the introduction of the current lunar naming system.

What is The Biggest Crater on The Moon

moon craters

Bailly is widely known to be the largest moon crater with a 303 km in diameter. Descent findings have shown that there are also larger basins of the two areas that are the Imbrium and South Pole Aitken basin which covers approximately 1000 km in diameter.


Scientific knowledge is very essential when learning about craters. There are a lot of findings from the Astronomers that are worth documenting so that the coming generations might have a chance to read. Therefore, there are good moon books that you can read to expand your knowledge in this field.

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