Good Beginner Telescopes In The World

Good Beginner Telescopes – Telescopes are an important part of our lives. They are the conduits to look beyond our constellation for mystic information about the galaxies.

The 10 good beginner telescopes that are available in the market are essential for beginners who are into stargazing.

Before you buy, it is imperative that you should first know what types of telescopes are available in the market and what telescope suits you the best.

There is always the thrill and excitement about watching the stars and their galaxies. Nevertheless, without good beginner telescopes, you cannot see them properly.

These galaxies beyond our earth’s constellation cannot be viewed with our naked eyes; hence, a good beginner telescope is necessary.

We have chosen the best beginner telescopes with product features, specification, and price. Here are the 10 good beginner telescopes:

01. Gskyer 70mm Astronomical Beginner Refractor Telescope

Good Beginner Telescopes

This is one of the best beginner refractor telescopes (70x400mm) for observing the celestial bodies in the space. It is best for viewing the moon and the planets of our galaxy.

This telescope is suitable for traveling stargazers. It is economically priced at $96.00. Good feedback and review ratings from the users.

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02. Emarth 70mm Refractor Telescope

best beginner telescopes

This majestic telescope is most suitable for the beginners for stargazing. Kids can use it too. The telescope comes with a mount stand for easy handling.

It is easy to use and maintain. It has a compact portable design for traveling. It is affordable at $86.00

03. MESIXI 70mm Astronomical Telescope

telescopes reviews

This telescope is an astronomical observation kit. It has a 70mm aperture for viewing the celestial bodies. It is portable and easy to use. It has a Bluetooth self-timer function.

It is powerful and can be used for normal and deep stargazing by beginners. Its price is $96.00

04. Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope

telescopes for beginner

The Celestron Astromaster Refractor Telescope is superb for beginners for stargazing. It is best suited for viewing the celestial bodies and terrestrial objects.

It gives out a bright and clear picture of the moon. One can have a deeper observation of the galaxies too due to its powerful aperture and lens. It is affordable at $99.99

05. Orion Observer 80mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

review of Orion Observer 80mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

This traveler telescope is mighty in features; it helps in viewing the planets and beyond. It is superb in looks and style.

The beginner stargazers can enjoy the depth and reach of this telescope. The mount has dual slow motion controls for tracking the objects in the night sky. Price $129.99

06. Meade Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor Telescope

buying guide for telescopes

The best refractor telescope for the beginners and kids for stargazing. It is good for astral studies and observing terrestrial objects.

The telescope’s altazimuth mount and optics gives superb value for money. It has slow motion controls for precise tracking of the celestial objects. Its price is $198.50

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07. TELMU 70mm Refractor Telescope

Good Beginner Telescopes for Stargazers

The TELMU telescope is an ultra-clear refracting telescope with 70mm aperture. It captures the images very clearly and perfectly.

The beginners can explore the cosmos without any hassle. The telescope is easy to use and maintain. Its price is $70.00

08. Aomekie 70mm Refractor Telescope

review of Aomekie 70mm Refractor Telescope

A very good telescope for the beginners and newcomers. Its 70mm aperture captures enough light for you to view at a wide angle.

You can observe the terrestrial objects and celestial bodies as well. It is a very economical telescope priced at $66.00

09. Gskyer AZ Astronomical Refractor Telescope

Clear and Unbiased Product Review of Good Beginner Telescopes for Stargazers

This is a ultra-clear refracting telescope for capturing superb images of the night sky very deep into the space. It is very good for viewing in the day and the night as well.

Its 80mm aperture captures the beautiful images of the night sky with wide angle. Price $206.00

10. MaxUsee 70mm Refractor Telescope

best beginner telescopes

The telescope is very good for beginners who are into stargazing. The telescope’s 70mm aperture gives a wide angle for capturing images of the sky.

It captures the celestial bodies as well as terrestrial objects too. This magnificent telescope is priced at $63.00.


The wonderful skies throw up a fascinating sight to watch in the night. With a powerful telescope you can watch them very closely.

The cosmos is a wonderful thing that has to be explored and enjoyed. The sight of the night sky is pleasing to the eye.

The obsessed stargazers are addicted to watching the skies to sight wonderful objects and celestial bodies whose galaxies are some light years away from earth.

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Hence, it is necessary to use a good beginner telescope to watch the celestial happenings. The above are the 10 good beginner telescopes chosen for you.

Written by : Mr. Henson

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