Google Pixel 3A Review [2020]

Many people are looking for a Google Pixel 3A Review, since they are interested in purchasing the smartphone. They would like to find out if the smartphone is good value for money, and is worth buying.

Google has developed some of the best smartphones available with its Pixel smartphones, and most of them are fairly expensive.

The Pixel 3A is marketed as an affordable smartphone from Google, and hence the various features of the smartphone are reviewed so that those interested in purchasing the smartphone can decide

Google Pixel 3A Specs

Display5.6-inch gOLED
2,220 x 1,080 resolution
18.5:9 aspect ratio
Dragon Trail
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 670
GPUAdreno 615
No microSD slot
Headphone jackYes
Cameras12.2MP f/1.8 sensor, 1.4µm pixels, 76-degree field-of-view, autofocus with dual-pixel phase detection, optical + electronic image stabilization

8MP sensor, f/2.0 aperture, 1.12µm pixels, fixed focus, 84-degree field-of-view
No wireless charging
IP ratingNo IP rating
Software versionAndroid 9 Pie
Other featuresStereo speakers (one downward facing), Active Edge, USB Type-C, single nano-SIM
ColorsJust Black, Clearly White, Purple-ish
Dimensions and weight151.3 x 70.1 x 8.2mm


Design of Google Pixel 3A

To ensure that the phone remains affordable, there are some changes in the features of the phone compared to the high end Pixel phones. Plastic is used instead of glass, and the phone has a glossy texture on top, and matt finish below.

The fingerprint sensor in the phone is provided to prevent unauthorized access and is located on the top half of the rear panel.

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The neon-green power button and volume button are located on the right side of the phone. The speaker, microphone and USB-c connector port are found on the bottom side of the phone.


google pixel 3a

The Pixel 3A smartphone has 5.6 inch OLED display , which is always on. The display has a resolution of 2220 X 1080 .

The aspect ratio of the display is 18:5.9 and contrast is 100,000: 1. There is a provision for adjusting the color tone, though many prefer to keep the default Adaptive setting.


best of google pixel 3a

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, a mid range processor is used in the smartphone. The 64 bit Octacore processor at 1.7 Ghz is sufficient for almost all computing tasks including playing games according to a Google Pixel-3A Review.

The smartphone has 4 GB RAM, 64 GB storage space, and there is no provision for expanding the memory. Like other Pixel phones, the management of the RAM is not very efficient.

Some delay may be noticed for photo processing applications.


reviews of google pixel 3a

The battery of the smartphone is rated at 3000 maH, which is sufficient for a day. The battery has a fast charging feature, so with a 18W fast charger, it will be charged within 1.5 hours.

The phone does not have the wireless charging feature found in other more expensive smartphones. Social media and video websites, usually consume more power, and the smartphone gives approximately six hours of screen time, with a fully charged battery.


specify of google pixel 3a

Experts recommend that this smartphone should be purchased, mainly because of its phone quality, which is better than other phones.

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The rear camera is of 12.2 MP dual pixel type with optical and electronic image stabilization for high quality photos. It has a 76 degree field of view The selfie camera is of resolution 8 MP, has a fixed focus and 84 degree field of view.

The camera has a night sight feature allowing it to take photos in low light conditions, photo booth, depth adjustment, time lapse and slow motion features.


the specify of google pixel 3a sofware

The smartphone uses the latest Android 9 Pie operating system so all applications can be used. The seller guarantees firmware upgrades or major version upgrades for two years after purchase.

The sellers also offers free installation of security patches for three years. This ensures that the buyer of the smartphone can use it for at least three years, without major problems.


google pixel 3a

According to a Google Pixel 3A-Review, the headphone jack which is reintroduced in the phone provide better audio quality compared to Bluetooth.

There are two stereo speakers, including one speaker facing downwards. There are two microphones with noise suppression feature for best audio quality. The sound is loud and clear, with very less distortion.

Value for money

the price of google pixel 3a

Most of Google’s Pixel smartphones do not have the best hardware, yet they compensate for this by having better software. The camera in the smartphone is better than the camera in most other high end phones.

Security updates are installed monthly for greater security, so customers are assured that the phone will not be hacked.

Though it is priced at $399, some dealers are offering $50 to $100 discounts, so the price is comparable to other phones.

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Based on the above Google-Pixel-3A Review the phone is excellent value for money, especially for buyers who are using it for taking photos, since it has a high end camera.

Additionally the regular security and firmware upgrades, ensure that the phone is not hacked.

Written by: Mr. Nichea

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