How To Make an Alligator Belt

How To Make an Alligator Belt – Alligator skin products are expensive. Every here only a limited number of alligators can be hunted making the supply line restricted.

Whatever things can be made from cowhide can be made from alligator skin also, only the latter are more expensive. Among the products there is an alligator belt, here we will discuss how to make alligator belt.

The process: The process is almost similar to any leather producing technique, well almost. There are specialized steps required.

The belt is made of two parts the lining made of cowhide and cover made of alligator strip. Before starting the belt producing process, alligator should be properly tanned. Let us discuss the steps of how to make alligator belt.

How To Make an Alligator Belt

alligator belt

Step 1: select the size and width of the belt based on which hide is to be cut. First comes the cut. If possible make a single cut from tail, but that is rare.

Normally a belt is made from several cuts across the belly and then spliced together. The entire cover thus made by joining the cut leathers by glue must be split or thinned to a uniform thickness.

This is to ensure making the cover for the lining.

Step 2: Next comes the lining part. You need to cut the lining strip also linger and wider than finished belt length. It should be at least 12 inches longer and one-quarter of an inch wider. Unlike the cover, lining should never be spliced together and only high-quality leather is used. The tip should be formed by stiffest part.

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Step 3: Contact glue needs to be applied. It should be applied on flesh side of cover and lining and both parts of keeper.

Step 4: The next step of how to make an alligator belt is to lay the alligator cover gently on lining. You should not stretch it and no exposed part of the lining should be visible. The cover should be compressed or tapped to ensure a good bond. Te Same thing should be done for keeper.

Step 5: Punch five evenly placed hole from 5 to 6 inches from tip.

Step 6: The center of bell slot needs to be cut from there. You measure this by putting the buckle on the belt and wrapping the strap around the buckle. The belt needs to be cut to length at this point.

Step 7: This is the final step of how to make an alligator belt. You start by removing the buckle and them smooth the belt and keeper. If there is excess glue remove it. Then paint the raw edges and smooth the paint. If you prefer you can sew around edges as well. If the belt is to use snaps to hold buckle, punch hole for the snaps and buckle pin slot. Then put the snaps on. The sew or staple keeper together. Put on keeper and buckle on the belt and snap shut. Polish the belt and voila it is ready.


This is how to make an alligator belt. It sounds complicated but it is more of an art then mechanical steps. This is another reason why the belts are so costly.

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