How to See Saturn?

How to See Saturn – Ever wonder about the power of Saturn and how to see Saturn when simply watching the night sky? Well, here you have everything you have to know about what 2020 brings up to us.

The beauty of Saturn

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Saturn it’s a true masterpiece. As the sixth planet from the Sun, Saturn is commonly considered the greatest and most powerful of them all.

It is named after the Roman God of Agriculture, but most of the astrological and mythological books are saying otherwise. The meaning and beauty of Saturn ( and its rings ) come up from its power to transform our perspectives upon our planet and the world.

Due to its gas mass, Saturn is often confused with a bright star when viewed with the naked eye. Most probably, we don’t know which one of them it is. However, Saturn can be seen with a telescope or binoculars at night.

A Saturn Viewing Guide

We can assume that it’s hard to see Saturn as you may like – either you own a telescope or not. The planet looks pretty tiny as common telescopic targets go.

However, the best thing you can do to have a nice view of this jewel, it’s to try it out with a top-quality 4-inch or larger telescope. With a little bit of luck, you can tease out more of the planet’s secrets than many of you may think!

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When it comes to Saturn’s rings, you can expect to get them a little blurry. However, the rings should be visible in even the smallest telescope at 25x. A good 4 inch ( or larger ) telescope at 50x can show them as a separate structure detached on all sides from the ball of the planet.

If you want to know how to see Saturn, look for the planet as it rises above the east-southeast horizon as the sun sets in the west-northwest. Don’t forget to set-up your compass, though.

Saturn’s spectral rings

Thanks to the Cassini mission that have ended in 2017, we have the most beautiful pictures on Saturn’s spectral rings.

We all know that Saturn’s rings are spectacular. The most recently discovered ring is about 200 times the diameter of the planet and could fit one billion Earths.

Just think about to see that with your naked eye. Most probably you’ll fall blindly, due to Saturn’s brightness in the clear, night sky.

It has been discovered that, between the rings gasp, some chemicals debris are falling from the rings into the atmosphere.

In this case, new measurements of the planet’s magnetic field are showing that chemical debris produces a powerful electron current.

How to make a positive ID

During July, Saturn will be well-positioned for observing all night while it moves to the west side ( in retrograde ) through the stars of northeastern Saggitarius. If you are good enough with astrological things, you know what does mean for some astrological signs.

However, there are 2 ways on how to see Saturn:

  • Find Jupiter first. You can’t miss it because Jupiter it’s the most shining star. Then, take your fist and hold it tight like you want to punch someone in the face. Now, measure off three fists from Jupiter’s place, and the second brightest starlike you’ll find it’s Saturn.
  • The second method is to wait until the 15th of July. That day, Saturn will appear right beside the full moon, and it will be much easier to find.
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Saturn: Earth’s protector

As an Earth’s protector, Saturn ( along Jupiter ) shields us from the catastrophic comet collisions. Most of the time, when a comet is about to break Earth in two, the magnetic field produced by Saturn makes it go away.

In this case, the disappearance of dinosaurs sounds strange. A comet that hit our planet before we were created is not a great story because Saturn was always there to protect us.

It is proven that Jupiter’s role in the solar system is less of a shield and more as a bringer of water and that Saturn has a far bigger role to play when deflecting asteroids and comets.

However that might be, Saturn has a big power over us as people, and over us as a planet. There are many other secrets we can’t find about Saturn and its magical rings.
Well, at least we no longer have to ask ourselves how to see Saturn.


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