How To Tie a Karate Belt

What is Karate and how to tie a karate belt? Karate is the science and art of self defense which uses the natural weapons of hands, legs and legs.

Developed and evolved over time in the ancient Ryukyu island kingdoms. Karate has deep roots in the traditions and history of Okinawa island, today a prefecture part of Japan in the Pacific Ocean.

For many there, Karate is a philosophy and a way of life, but today it has evolved to become a sport practiced worldwide for self defense, health and competition.

Karate practitioners are known as “karate-ka” and the grading is done by belts which indicate your skill level.

How to tie a karate belt?

how to

1. Start by neatly folding your belt (obi) as you hold it in front of you. Center it to the middle, ensuring your obi’s tag is to your right.

how to tie a karate belt

step 1

2. Wrap your belt carefully, rotating it around your waist making sure you are tying it evenly and symmetrically. By now the edges of your obi should be at your front, and the tag(previously on the right) should be on the left.

easy step to tie a karate belt

step 2

3. Put one end of your obi on top of the other, making sure the left side is on top of the right side. When completing this step, your belt’s tag should be back to your right.

karate belt

step 3

4. It’s time to start tying. While trying to maintain the neatness of the folding you’ve created, tuck the end with the tag(to your right from last step) grab both ends with your hands and pull tight, but not too tight. Make sure you are comfortable and don’t overdo it, but a loose obi is not a good thing as well. If done properly your belt’s tag remains to the same side.

easy step to tie a karate belt

step 4

5. Twist the left edge of your belt in a circular way, putting the tag(still to your right) over the top. Essentially like tying a loop know, the tag end is back to the left.

easy step to tie a karate belt


6. By now, the end of your belt with the tag on it should have the length to go through the knot from the previous step. Put it through and tie it right, but again, not too tight, make sure what is comfortable to you.

karate belt

step 6

7. You are now done, You know how to tie a karate belt. the obi should be neatly tied around your waist in a symmetrical fashion. Make sure it is even, however getting it perfect in a quick manner takes some practice.

karate belt

step 7 (done)


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