Lean Green Belt Certification

Lean Green Belt Certification – First, it’s good to answer this question, what is a lean green belt? It’s a certified single body that would enable you to possess an in-depth understanding of how you’ll solve problems even more.

It’d also emphasize on the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) model.

Once you become a member of this organization, you’ll be trained according to the area of your specialization.

The DMAIC model would allow the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to concentrate more on well defined and small Six Sigma projects.

Lean Six Sigma Level

The Lean Six Sigma Level comprises of 3 certification levels and they include, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

If you’d like to be a professional looking to pursue a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt teaching, you’ll have to go through the entire Lean Green Belt process for3 years.

If you’re a team member you’ll have to go through Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt teaching so that you’d get the basic knowledge regarding the Six Sigma.

If you’d like to apply for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt teaching, you’ll have to complete 2 assignments on Six Sigma with inscribed affidavits.

Lean Six Sigma Certification levels :

1. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
2. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
3. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

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This Certification is advisable for :

1. Delivery Leaders
2. Project Managers
3. Business Analyst/ Data Analyst
4. Operation Team Leaders
5. Program Managers
6. Process Improvement Experts

Different Paths to Certification

The CSSC (Council for Sigma Certification) will provide two various paths of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and they include, assorted short exams and quality comprehensive exam.

You can sit for the assorted short examination if you’re using an individual study guide with either a qualified trainer or individualistic as you’d proceed through the various sections of study.

You can sit for the quality comprehensive examination if you’ve already received teaching and you’re fully conversant with the subjects covered in the Green Belt level of certification.

You don’t need to worry because either path you’ll take, would grant you a certificate.

Certification Requirements

You’d victoriously get a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate if you’ll finish the entire Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification examination.

Out of 400 possible marks you’ll have to attain 280 or higher. There are no conditions for taking the exam. The moment you’ll pay for the examination, you’d have one year to victoriously pass the assessment.

Exam Preparation

So that you can pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt examination, you’ll have to prepare adequately for the assessment.

You’d either use a free individual study guide provided by the Six Sigma Certification Council or you can be trained by a qualified trainer.

There are some candidates who’d feel to first re-acquaint themselves with the Lean Green belt system. We’d propose that they’ll evaluate themselves in two ways; they’d either use the individual study guide or it’s equivalent “Body of Knowledge”.

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Awarding of Certification

After you’ve fulfilled successfully the essentials of certification, you’ll obviously receive a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate.

You’ll mainly be issued with this certificate by the Six Sigma Certification Council which is the most esteemed and accredited organization in the Lean Green Belt industry.

You won’t find an expiry date on your certificate since we would like to benefit you and through this, you’ll feel appreciated in the organization.

If you’ll fully finish the entire course, you’ll be given your Lean Six Sigma Certificate electronically and you’d have an identification number and your name will be included in the Six Sigma Certification register.

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