The Most Expensive iPhone Case in The World

Most Expensive iPhone Case – iPhone is highly costly in terms of price. This denotes they are not pocket friendly at all, but amazingly, they are durable phones.

Ever thought of the most expensive iPhone case? With as low as $649, you can purchase the lowest iPhone in the market while the most expensive one ranges around $969.

Currently, an upcoming iPhone , the iPhone 8 as well as iPhone editions can be purchased at $1000. Apparently, well-to-do people don’t care much about such price.

Even if the iPhone case becomes highly costly than the gadget itself they care less of it. If you are in such awe trying o look for one, this article has got your back. Lets review the 5 best exorbitant iPhone cases.

1. Gold Plated iPhone Case From Goldgenie

most expensive iphone case

This case is unique in terms of price as well as its design. marvelously, the us president, Donald trump is embellished on the case while it is modeled with 24K solid gold and congealed with diamond.

This is one of the fascinating iPhone case which was initially bought by a Chinese woman from the united Arab emirates shop.

Goldgenie who sold the case, still the managing director quoted in the CNN about the woman who seemed to be one of the well off people worldwide. Gold plated iPhone case is currently sold at $151,000.

2. Dragon And Spider From Anaita Mai Tan

fantastic iphone case

This is the most expensive iPhone case leave alone the Gucci, Dolce and all that. But why? Attached to it is a total of 32 diamonds. Still 18K white gold form the impressive case.

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Captivating best part of this case is that the diamonds rings cover almost 75% of the case.

Absolutely amazing. Yet the flattering 3D dragon covers some parts of its back. If you are an iPhone lover, this is the best case for you. Evidently, something good is valuable. Dragon and spider from Anaita Mai Tan cost at $880,000.

3. Titanium Bumper Case From Gresso

most expensive iphone case

It features the most expensive iPhone case as well. This case is formed of 18K gold as the foremost matter. Holding a sum of 0.01 karats, the alluring and advanced pattern nature of the case is outstanding with 11 diamonds as well.

Being sold by Gresso, you will feel gratified upon purchasing one. Titanium bumper case from Gresso is sold at $7000.

4. Golden Crocodile Leather From Louis Vuitton

expensive iphone case in the world

Louis Vuitton introduced one of the best and amazing iPhone 7 plus case in the market not long ago. Embedded on it is crocodile leather lined with microfibers and a key tag.

Louis Vuitton allegedly termed as eye- trunk which comes along with innumerable iPhone 7 cases is currently sold at $5,500.

5. The Flower Eifel Tower Case

iphone case

This is a romantic iPhone case that features the country where it is made from. This tower is amazing embedded at the back of your phone.

Its design certainly influences most of the upcoming phone cases. The flower Eifel tower case is currently sold at $1495 at Etsy com

As the list is endless, this are some of the most expensive iPhone case in the market. If you are an art lover or else a hedonist then purchasing one of this will make you feel contended.

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Written by: Mr. Geogywillis

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