Portable Espresso Machine

Portable Espresso Machine – Are you a coffee lover and you can’t survive without it?Well coffee has lots of benefits.It protects against liver diseases,diabetes and liver cancer.It prevents unexpected deaths and maintains a healthy heart.

Nowadays technology has made everything possible and it seems there is a device for everything.

Portable espresso machine allows you to conveniently brew thicker coffee than any other machines.Therefore you need to know how you can shop for the best device that will save you time and money.

It is for this reason that have compliled this review to help you to make the appropriate decision on which model to buy. Read on and find out.

1. Handpresso Wild Hybrid

portable espresso machine

If you are always away from home this model is what you have been looking for.It allows you not to work on loose espresso grounds but you can also use ESE pods.

You can use them to grind with ease and it can produce approximately 230 PSI which is enough for making an espresso. It costs $90


• It is available in both silver and black hence you have a choice to go for scratch resistant or elegant design.
• It works with loose grounds or pods
• It has high PSI


• ESE pods are difficult to find offline.
• It is a good portable espresso but it is very expensive.

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2. Flair Espresso Maker

coffee maker

It combines elegant design and portable frame which makes it the best portable espresso machine. It is a manual press which enables you to provide power for hot water and grinding coffee into a perfect espresso.

It is made from lightweight materials which makes it more portable and it has a carrying case to prevent mechanical damaged when accidents occur.

Additionally,it is easy to clean and heat up because it comes with a detachable head.The only downside that this device has it that you might require to take time and learn how to use it. It costs $159

3. Litchi Portable Hand Held

espresso machine

This is a more economical model which comes with a second filter basket.Besides it has a carrying bag which is convenient during traveling.

However there are a few downsides about this model.It is difficult to travel with because of its odd shape.

It requires ground tamping which makes it to be cumbersome when using it.Therefore with such shortcomings it could have been one of the best if the manufacturers make some technical advancements on this model.

However despite such flaws it is the best if you are opperating on a tight budget. It costs $39.99

4. Wacaco Minipresso MPGR100

portable espresso machine

This is an easy to use portable espresso machine which is ideal for camping especially when are far from coffee shops. It is compact and light hence it won’t add to much weight to your package.

Additionally it is an easy to use model which makes it a quicker espresso maker.All you need to do is to add hot water on coffee grounds then pump it for a short time and you are done.

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It can also be disassembled which makes it easy to clean.The only problem with this model is that it was designed for upgrades.

This implies that you can only produce shots of coffee at a time unless you upgrade your tank because of its small capacity.It costs $29.95

5. Homgeek Mini Espresso Maker

espresso machine

It is a decent device which is cheap and replaceable when it breaks.It is simple to opperate but it has an odd shape which makes it difficult to pack especially if you are going for an adventure. Additionally,it tends to develop leaks after some months .

This doesn’t mean it can’t produce good espresso but I know you would love to buy something that can last longer. It is true that this model is cheaper but the features are not that good.

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I hope that review will be of good help to you.

Let me give you a quick buying guide on what you should look for in a good portable espresso machine. Ease of use of is very important because you might not require a complicated device.

Additionally it should be very portable especially if you are going for adventure.Quality is also a factor to be considered and that is why the Flair espresso maker is the best that you can buy for yourself.

Don’t miss to have your cup of coffee.

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