Song of Abel

*Empowering post-abortive women to find their healing in the battle to end the slaughter*


Many American pastors are scared to mobilize their congregations in cause to abolish abortion because they're afraid of upsetting women in their care who have had abortions. This fear has kept those same women from the healing that God has for them: to bear the fruit of repentance and be restored to wholeness by fighting in the battle to end the slaughter of preborn babies. As the story of the Apostle Paul tells us, God uses those who have committed the worst sins to advance His Kingdom against the exact same area of evil that once ensnared them. The Apostle Paul murdered Christians as a zealous young rabbi. God chose him to be the first missionary and the man the secular world regards as "the founder of Christianity." In the same way, the movement to end the American abortion genocide is spearheaded by post-abortive women, who have been broken over their decision to murder their own children and are being used mightily by God in the fight to end the open season on the most vulnerable humans in our society.

One such example is Cheryl Conrad, co-founder of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. When Cheryl was twenty, she aborted her firstborn son. She was a churchgoer, but like many churches in America, hers did not actively speak out against the abortion atrocity. When she got pregnant by her boyfriend, she was embarrassed and worried about what the church would think. She went to her local Planned Parenthood and they convinced her that murdering her preborn son was the best plan of action. A little quick operation and her morality would be restored! Her problems would disappear along with the "clump of cells" they would relieve her of. Unfortunately, there were no Christian activists outside of the clinic showing images of what aborted babies in the first trimester looked like and no sidewalk counselors to help her and save the life of her preborn son. She would later testify that if she would have seen an abortion victim image prior to going into the clinic there is no way she would have went through with it.

 Cheryl Conrad, Co-Founder of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, doing campus outreach on the horrors of the abortion genocide. CLICK IMAGE for more.

Cheryl Conrad, Co-Founder of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, doing campus outreach on the horrors of the abortion genocide. CLICK IMAGE for more.

When Cheryl realized what she had done it was too late. Her preborn son's blood was already crying out from the ground to God, who heard from heaven, and convicted Cheryl to repent of her sin. Cheryl named her murdered son "Joshua Abel," after Genesis 4:10 ("The voice of your brother's blood is crying out to me from the ground."). Cheryl purposed in her heart to allow Joshua Abel to live through her, loving her preborn brothers in the battle to end abortion. Indeed, her son's blood cries out through Cheryl's life as she's spent her adulthood as a passionate pro-life activist and advocate for the preborn babies of America. She founded Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, which is a pro-life youth ministry dedicated to raising the rising generation to fight the slaughter. Survivors has trained some of the foremost leaders of the pro-life movement today and maintains a strong presence doing pro-life activism and apologetics on college campuses, outside abortion mills, and wherever the front lines of the battle are raging. The number of preborn babies that have been rescued from death by Cheryl number in the thousands.

We're releasing Song of Abel, based on the powerful testimony of Cheryl Conrad, to wake the pulpits of America up to the fact that the best way to serve post abortive women is to show them the truth, offer forgiveness through repentance and release them to contend for the lives of the preborn babies they can save in the movement to abolish abortion. Enjoy the song as a free download and please share it with your pastor, priest, or anyone the Lord leads to you to, for that matter. If you would like to book a live performance of Song of Abel along with Cheryl sharing her testimony at your church or event, you can do so at the form below. Please also consider a gift to help the production of a music video for Song of Abel. The budget for the project is $5,000. Your tax deductible gift can be made at the donate button. Much love and blessings to you in the fight. With your help, the pulpits of America will produce many more like Cheryl in the near future and we will win this crucial battle for the lives of our nation's preborn babies.


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