Best Stargazing Laser Pointer For Newbie

Stargazing Laser Pointer – If you are interested in gazing on stars either due to curiosity or your interest in astronomy, you must have a laser pointer as it can make it easy for you to look on your favorite stars.

But finding the best laser pointer may not be easy for you as many companies have introduced various types of equipment in the market.

Normally green laser pointer is considered the best for this purpose because it can make it easier to see stars in the mid-night.

Brief reviews of some of the best stargazing laser pointers are provided here under to help you in choosing a suitable one for you.

1. USB Rechargeable Green Laser Pointer by DinoFire

Stargazing Laser Pointer

This green laser available for $30.59 is six times more powerful than red laser due to its 98 foot long range of control.

It can be used to perform various functions without installing software like switch windows, full screen, black screen and hyperlinking etc. It can be used for weeks by recharging its lithium battery of 360mAh for one hour only.

It is compatible with wide range of systems including android, Mac OS and Windows along with software like Google Slides, MS Word, and Keynote etc. It is backed by warranty for 3 years.

Its package includes 1 Pouch Case, and 1 User Manual along with a wireless remote presenter with laser pointer.

2. Tactical Flashlight with 5 Pointer Options by SAMLITE

Stargazing Laser Pointer

This flashlight with laser pointer is available for $13.98 as it is made durable and sturdy by using high quality aluminum alloy. It is a multipurpose flashlight that can be used hands-free due to its magnetized base.

It provides light in 5 modes including green light, white and bright LED light, red pointer light, green flash and UV black light with the help of 3 AAA batteries and battery adapter provided with it.

The company offers 100% satisfaction guarantee for one year. You can get your money back or replace the light if not satisfied with its working.

3. High Power Tactical Teaching Hunting Flashlight Pen with Blue Pointer by LUCHENG

Stargazing Laser Pointer

This flashlight pen with blur pointer is constructed from high grade aluminum. The focus of its light can be adjusted. It blue pointer can reach up to 30-100 meters in daylight and up to 1500 meters at night to see easily up to a few hundred feet.

However you should not keep it on for long time as it can damage its bulb. It can be used for focus on distant targets during outdoor adventures as it can send signals to make your journey safe and joyful when used as per instructions. It is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.

4. Green Light Focusable Flashlight for Hunting, and Astronomy, by FreeMascot

Stargazing Laser Pointer

This flashlight can be used for astronomy and hunting as well as for camping and hiking due to its best brightness at the meager cost of $39.99 only.

This flashlight can be used hands free and can provide light in 2 modes through a button including Off/On and strobe. It is easily portable light as it can be carried easily with its wrist rope.

Safety lock and focusable lens are its other important features. It requires an 18650 3.7v Li-ion Battery to power it up.

It package includes a 18650 battery, a star pattern head cap for fun, a USB charger with cable, and 2 keys along with a flashlight.

5. Blue Hunting Laser Pen and laser by LUCHENG

Stargazing Laser Pointer

This laser pen available for $63.99 can be used to see the laser light even in daylight as a paper can be burnt easily with it. It is easily portable in your handbag, pocket, compartment of car and drawer etc.

to keep this high quality laser always with you while playing or working. It is powered by 2 rechargeable lithium 16340 batteries while mounting on your laser hunting rifle as well as while hiking, camping, running and in any emergency situation.

What are the dangers of Laser Pointers?

  • The retina of human eye can be burnt with the light of the stargazing laser pointers if their beam is directly focused into the eye. The level of risk from a laser pointer can depend on its class as the pointers of Class 1 are considered safe whereas pointers of Class 2 can damage your eyes if focused directly into them, but it can be avoided by blinking eyes in response. The laser pointer of Class 3 can potentially injure your eyes even before you blink them. Class 4 laser pointers are high power devices and can be more dangerous for your eyes than other options.
  • The beam of laser light can also compel the driver to lose control on his vehicle if it is scattered due to scratches on the windscreen, blink response or dust on the windscreen.
  • Laser beam can also be harmful when use it as a power tool to surprise someone.

Safety Guidelines

According to ASSA, stargazing laser pointers can be used safely in astronomy by following the guidelines provided here under.

  • You must follow the law of state while using a laser pointer
  • You should deactivate laser pointer while porting it from one site to the other
  • The beam of the laser pointers used for astronomy should be activated by pressing a button continuously.
  • The beam of activated laser pointer should never be pointed towards the people present at the location
  • Your arm with laser pointer should be stretched overhead before activating it and should be deactivated before lowering it.
  • Put laser pointer properly in its case when not in use
  • Your laser pointer can identify the path of an aircraft through a patch in the sky. So you should not use it if an aircraft is clearly seen or heard in the sky
  • A laser pointer should be stored in a safe place, out of reach of the children, in deactivated condition
  • Astronomers should always carry the proof of their membership with an astronomical forum to be presented when required.


Thus, the information provided in this write-up can help you in finding the best stargazing laser pointers for you.

They can be used by the astronomers as well as general public if they are interested in viewing stars at night to satisfy your curiosity.

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