The AWB OneSky Telescope Review [2020]

OneSky Telescope – Want to buy a telescope that is a very condensed, well designed, 5-inch telescope for a very small price? Then let me introduce you to the AWB Onesky Telescope!

What is AWB?

AWB (Astronomers Without Borders) is an organization dedicated to the science of astronomy and gives out programs relating to this science around the world.

The company sells these telescopes all over the US, but you might be wondering what these telescopes are good for? If you’re a traveler, you can use this scope to see the sky or you can use it for your use.

What’s in the Box? :

awb OneSky Telescope review

The OneSky Telescope comes with four parts in the box. These parts include the following:

  • A Wooden Table Top Mount (particleboard and laminate)
  • A Red Dot Finder (which helps target things in the sky)
  • 25mm and 10mm eyepieces (yields about 26x and 65x)
  • Cheshire Collimation Tool

Setting Up The Scope :

Once you get the telescope, it will come in a large box. Upon opening it, the only thing that needs to be set up is the red dot finder, which you put on the upper end of the tube.

A good feature of this telescope is that it has a long tail attached, which is useful for the balance of the telescope, especially when you plan on using it. It also comes with a bagged screw that fits into the top end of the dovetail, which helps prevent the telescope from sliding and breaking on you.

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Design and Mechanics :

The OneSky Telescope has different and unique mechanics for your astronomer needs:

  • It has a 130mm f/5 reflector: this is similar to telescopes made by Synta but it does have a few differences. For example, when not in use, the telescope is only 16 inches. If you extend it, two large thumbscrews click into place and allow the position to lock.
  • Unlike other telescopes, this one is designed with the plastic helical focuser. The mechanism is different from other telescopes: so you would have to play with it until you have the right focus. If you have a Teflon tape, it can help tighten the focus.
  • The wooden tabletop mount that comes with the telescope is well made. Motions are smooth and the telescope can also be adjusted.
  • The telescope is also small enough that you can carry it anywhere with you and it is easy to carry around.
    These mechanics make this the best telescope to get.

Observing with The OneSky :

You might be asking: how is it like to observe with this telescope? When looking through the telescope, it gives you wide fields when it is at low power and crisp views when it is on high power.

If you want to view open clusters, the OneSky guarantees you the best view due to its 25mm eyepiece. Unlike the 25mm eyepiece, the 10mm eyepiece gives you higher power while looking up at the sky. It is best to use this type of eyepiece if you want to observe planets.

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The red dot finder helps you when finding objects in the sky. Once aligned right, it can be accurate in finding things that you want to see or to find.

Depending on if you want to use the table-top mount, you need to find a sturdy surface (but only if you want to stand up and look at the sky, if you plan on sitting on the ground, you don’t have to worry about finding a sturdy surface.

Can’t find a sturdy surface for the table-top mount? A milk crate or a DIY project (if you have necessary tools) can help you with the surface for your table-top mount.

If you want more information about the DIY solution, check out Eyes On The Sky article about building an inexpensive, basic stool for your telescope: http: //

The collapsible design is useful but it does have downsides to it. It leaves the second mirror exposed making it easy for it to catch dew which makes it lose contrast. To avoid such a problem, using Kydex plastic or craft foam can help prevent this from happening.

Enhancements and Potential :

The OneSky Telescope has great potential for being one of the best telescopes to buy. The optics and design of the telescope have amazing quality: you need quality that is high and good to see what’s in the sky.

That is what the OneSky provides. It also has unique customization; the telescope comes with a vixen-style dovetail that allows OTA to be used along with other tools used to see the many wonders of the sky.

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These enhancements make this telescope more versatile than other telescopes in the market. In conclusion, if you want to get a telescope for traveling or just to look for into the sky, I suggest getting the OneSky Telescope!

Written by : Alicia Bartona

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