Best Toys R Us Telescopes of 2020

Toys R Us Telescopes – Childhood is a stage in which curiosity is at its peak and kids are convinced that they can explore everything within that time. This is also an ideal time to offer a telescope to your kid if she has an interest in astronomy.

The Toys R US telescopes are really good because of impressive features and they are user-friendly hence it accommodates and engages your kid. Let us have a look at some of these telescopes.

1. Edu Science Astro precision 360 young astronomer’s refractor Telescope

toys r us

This is a highly recommended telescope for young learners aged 8 years and above and they are interested in celestial objects that are present in the sky.

It will not only increase your child’s knowledge about the overall solar system but it will also expose them to learn more about astronomy.

Additionally, It has an instruction manual and tripod base which makes it convenient to use.

2. Edu Science 3 in 1 Telescope Builder

Edu Science 3 in 1 Telescope Builder

This is one of the best telescopes that is best for observation experiments because it has higher magnification. Kids can greatly benefit from this telescope by learning the science of lenses and light. The following are some of its features.

  • It comes with an instruction manual
  • It is recommended for kids aged 8 years and above
  • It uses both convex and concave lenses
  • It produced quality images because of heightened optical specifications.
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3. Star Tracker Telescope

toys r us

This telescope will make your kid marvel at the wonders of the universe. It comes with a 36-inch adjustable aluminum tripod which makes it easy to set it up and to focus the sky.

Additionally, this refractor telescope also has an optical glass lens with a magnification of approximately 288x and a focal length of 600 millimetres with a diameter of 50 mm.

Additionally, it also has a convenient case that is easy to carry and it can house all pieces of the eyepiece, Barlow lens, interchangeable eyepieces diagonal viewer and finderscope. The instruction manual will also help your kid to learn effectively.

4. The Edu Science Astro precision 600 young Astronomer’s Refractor Telescope

toys r us

This telescope is appropriate for younger Astronomers who are seeking to explore celestial bodies, planets, moon and the sky. It is affordable with a price tag of $88. It weighs 4.4 pounds and 1 non-standard battery. The following are additional features:-

  • Easy to assemble and it comes with an instruction manual
  • It has a 50 mm glass lens that facilitates observation of constellations, planets, and nature.
  • It comes with a full-length aluminum tripod with a convenient accessory tray.

5. Toys R us Edu science 50 mm Telescope

toys r us

This is yet another awesome telescope that can help your kid to peer into the sky by viewing distance celestial bodies.

This refractor telescope is designed with the 360 mm focal length which can magnify up to 90 x. It is recommended for exploring the land and the skies. The technology used allows light to pass directly from the front objective lens to the removable eyepiece.

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The distant object can also be brought to proximity because of its 500 mm lens with a 300 mm focal length.

Therefore, your child can be able to view things that are far away because of the 14-inch tripod stand. Other accessories include an instruction manual, star chart,2 eyepieces, and mounting hardware.

6. Edu Science Land and Sky 360 Tabletop Refractor

toys r us

If your kid is an aspiring astronomer this is the most appropriate and exclusive Toys R us telescope that can help her to explore the planet, the moon, constellations, and other heavenly bodies.

It can also be used to view distant objects on the land because it is equipped with a glass eyepiece lens and a tripod stand which makes it easy to use.

It also comes with an instruction manual, educational software, and a star chart. It also has a focal length of 360 mm and eyepiece each 20 mm each of which provides a wide-angle of view. Its optical tube is designed at a 90 diagonal design to make it comfortable when viewing objects.

7. Black Twinstar 60mm Telescope

toys r us

This is an impressive telescope for children who want to discover more about the skies. It is easy to set up an install because it can be mounted on a tripod base.

One of the significant benefits of this telescope is that it gives kids quality time to explore more on astronomy. The following are its features:-

  • It has 60 mm refraction
  • It is easy to use
  • It has 965” diameter eyepieces
  • It offers 15x and 50x magnification.

8. MaxUsee Kids Telescope

toys r us telescope

This is a well-equipped telescope for kids which is not only portable but also user-friendly children can learn lots about astronomy by exploring the sky it comes with impressive features such as:

  • Tube compass
  • A 5×18 finderscope
  • The focal length of 400mm
  • It has 2 eyepieces that feature a moon mirror hence delivering precise images.
  • Stars and moon map included
  • It is portable
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9. CSSEA 70mm Telescope

toys r us telescope

This telescope works perfectly when viewing the night sky. The images produced are clear because it has fully coated optical glass. It is easy to set up which may take approximately 10 minutes. Here are some of the key features.

  • It has two 1.25” eyepieces
  • It has 369 mm focal length
  • Quick to set up

Factors To Consider When Choosing

The following are some of the factors consider when choosing the right telescope that will be beneficial to your kids.

Ease of use

Every kid deserves a telescoped which is easy to use they should not be given highly-technical because it will endure them from learning.


Cost is also another important factor because it is important to settle for affordable telescopes. Therefore find a cost-effective product.


A good telescope should have good features that facilitate the production of quality images. This ranges from its eyepiece lens, aperture size and the type of the telescope which is used.


Purchase a telescope that is portable enough to allow your child to carry it from his bedroom to the balcony.


A good telescope is determined by the value of its magnification. Therefore it is important to settle for a telescope that has magnification features to enable your child to view distant places.

Final thoughts

Toys R Us telescopes can be very beneficial to your child. It greatly helps in building knowledge of astronomy and other related fields.

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