Unique Mobile Phones in The World

Unique Mobile Phones – This article will explain some of the unique types of mobile phones in the world with their specifications, images and prices. The unique mobile phone includes the following :

1. Moxi Bendable | $760

unique types of mobile phones

One of the projects open to the mobile phone industry is the creation of a flexible telephone. There have already been some first approaches with curved terminals, and companies like Samsung are already working,

but there are several steps ahead and that this same 2016 will put on the market the world’s first flexible mobile. We are talking about the Chinese company Moxi.

Very flexible, but also very expensive If there is an impossible right now within the technology industry, that is getting flexible terminals.

The materials that are now available are not ideal to create a flexible and resistant object, or so we thought, since the Chinese company Moxi has known how to make good use of graphene to get a smartphone that doubles completely.

As we have already mentioned, Moxi makes use of graphene , a resistant, flexible, strong and transparent material, which makes it suitable for the manufacture of a terminal.

This allows the terminal created by the Chinese company to be bent into a bracelet or bracelet , a form in which it can also be used.

This first flexible terminal model will be marketed in China at the end of the year and Moxi will try it with 100,000 units. The appearance of the mobile is far from what we can all consider aesthetically beautiful, but it is a first step.

One of the negative aspects, or pitfalls, that this smartphone brings is that its screen will come only in white or black, since the color screen is more complicated to implement in this type of technology.

The price of this terminal will be about 760 dollars

2. Monohm Runcible | $499

unique mobile phone

That completely round smartphone, like a compass, running on Firefox OS and that was presented in the halls of the Mobile World Congress 2015 more than a year ago finally has an exit date to the market, but there are some important changes with respect to the model exhibited at that time.

The manufacturer Monohm has finally revealed through its official website the final technical specifications of the Runcible,

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at the same time they have opened their reservation system to acquire the device from now, which has projected to start with its commercial run from the month September of this year. It is the first completely round smartphone.

The smarpthone will come in two versions, the basic one of 399 dollars and the luxury one with wooden finishes for 499 dollars.

At the level of technical specifications is a relatively discrete terminal, whose price is justified. It is a device with a 2.5-inch screen (with resolution of 640 x 640 to 256ppi), Qualcomm processor and GPU, 7 megapixel main camera, 1GB ram memory and 8GB storage memory. The smartphone runs on the BuniOS system (based on Android 5.1).

3. Nec Flip Phone

unusual mobile phone

The prototype phone designed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen has three flexible screens that improve the usual interface of phones by increasing the viewing surface. Is it a calendar or phone? Both.

It is the good thing that the telephone has, that being able to play with the multiple positions of its screens, allows adopting different positions according to the needs of the users.

The triple screen Amoled of the Flip Phone allows to visualize contents with greater comfort.

Photo camera

Detail of the photo camera of the Flip Phone, with autofocus.


The phone would work with an Android operating system, which would open a world of possibilities to the development of specific applications for the device.

File Transfer

Through this area of the phone would easily transfer files between different Flip Phone, improving current systems such as bluetooth or sending via email.

Made of aluminum

The housing of the mobile phone is made of aluminum and its dimensions are not excessively large considering the large display capacity of the device.

4. Motorola KR999

unique types of mobile phones

Tech Specifications

Classic, 80’s Style design.
9800 mAh battery with up to 3 months inactive.
Speaker and great writing.
Dimensions: 27.6 cm (length) * 4.4 cm (width) * 6 cm (thickness) (also a 7.7 cm antenna), large body case with 510 g Weight.
GSM SIM-free, works with any sim (2G GSM).

5. Google Project Ara

unique mobile phone

Google Ara: Specifications, design and photos

The device they have had access to is simply known as Ara and is identified under the A8A01 model , which is most likely one of those units that were intended for developers. The specifications of this mobile were as follows:

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor (MSM8994)
3GB in RAM
32GB of internal storage
Screen of 5.34 inches TFT-LCD, 1080 x 1920 (403 ppi)
2.1 MP rear camera (16: 9 and 1080p video)
5 MP front camera (4: 3 and 1080p video)
3.450 mAh battery
Dimensions: 152 x 74 x 12.5 mm
190 grams weight
Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) and NFC
Jack 3.5 mm for hearing aids and USB Type C for charging
Android 7.0 (NMR1)

6. Yota Phone 2 | $699

exlusive mobile phone

With Yotaphone 2 we have a smartphone with a very tight size and two touch screens, an AMOLED on the front and an electronic ink screen on the back that is always on. It is, without a doubt, an innovative and unique design that we analyze below.

It has rounded corners giving a more compact terminal visual feel even and thanks to the curve of the back shell it fits very well in the hand to use it in a traditional way.

There is no doubt that the Yotaphone 2 is very eye-catching. The back could give the feeling of being a custom casing, but it goes much further because we have notifications and information in real time in addition to being able to customize it with the images that we want.

We have to mention an interesting design detail and is none other than the tray for nanoSIM card, which is under the volume buttons.

It is the turn to talk about technical specifications , perhaps the most controversial point of the 699 euro terminal sold by the Russian company Yota. If you remember what technical specifications had the Nexus 5 , the LG G2 or the Xperia Z2 , among others, you can understand why we say that Yotaphone 2 is a generation behind the current top of the range .

It was therefore a model with adjusted specifications for when it was presented, but that has been left behind when it was available more than 9 months later.

FRONT SCREEN AMOLED 5 inches / 1,920 x 1,080px / 443 ppi
REAR SCREEN Electronic ink 4.7 inches / 960 x 540px / 235 dpi
PROCESSOR Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2 GHz 4 cores
DRUMS 2,500 mAh with Qi wireless charging
SO VERSION Android 4.4.3
CONNECTIVITY Wireless 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, LTE and NFC
CAMERAS Rear : 8 MPx AF and Flash LED / Video FullHD 30fps
Front : 2.1 Mpx
DIMENSIONS 144.9 x 69.4 x 8.95 mm
WEIGHT 145 grams

7. Huawei KFC

unique mobile phone

KFC announced that it has cooperated with Huawei to launch a special version of the mobile phone. This KFC China 30-year commemorative mobile phone is painted with a conspicuous red body. The red color is the main color of KFC’s corporate identity, and then the back of the mobile phone is also engraved with the company.

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The KFC mobile phone is based on Huawei’s 7 enjoyment. The phone is also equipped with a unique feature, which is to order songs in the KFC store in China, so that all the people in the store share the music taste of the phone owner.

KFC mobile phone specifications

• Screen : 5, 1280×720 resolution
• Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 425
• Built-in capacity : 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM (supports up to 128GB microSD card expansion)
• Front lens : 5 megapixels
• Rear lens : 13 million pixels
• Battery capacity : 3020mAh
• Support fingerprint identification

8. RED’s Hydrogen One

unique types of mobile phones

These are our first impressions of RED Hydrogen One, the first smartphone in the world with a holographic screen.

H4V screen, 3D technology without the need for lenses

Yes, 3D technology is not new in mobile devices, we have to sample LG Optimus 3D and 3DS. However, the fundamental difference is that the user does not necessarily have to see the front screen to appreciate the depth difference in the content.

It is difficult to explain in written words, even orally is complicated and not to mention a video sample because although we had the opportunity to record our impressions, simply a camera can not capture and reproduce the technology we mentioned.

The body of the Hydrogen One is aluminum and kevlar, while in the frame we have those striking “arches” whose function is simply to make the grip of the device more comfortable. On the right side we have the unlock button with embedded fingerprint sensor and curiously on the same side, but below, there is a button dedicated to activate and close the camera.


We talked about which phones would be resolved this month and we found that the phones mentioned above deserve to write about them. Of course, you can choose from many other phones, they are more expensive and cheaper, so your tastes and wallet will soon have a common denominator.

Written by : Naresh

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