Why The Sky Is Blue: Myth vs. Science

Ever wondered why the sky is blue? If you want to know the facts behind it, we need to discuss the matter with the myth. After the myth, we will then talk about the science and facts about why the sky is the color blue. We hope you learn something new with this article!

Why The Sky Is Blue According To Myth

As the myth goes, the reason why the sky is the color blue is because of water droplets that drop from the sky are evaporated, giving the sky the blue color. Another belief why the sky was blue is the ocean: the ocean is blue like the sky.

Both of these theories were supported during ancient times. However, with the help of science, both of these theories have been debunked. So what are the facts about why the sky is blue?

We will be going over the facts in the next section!

Why The Sky Is Blue According To Science

Now that you know the myths surrounding the sky being the color blue, let us talk about the science behind it! Let us start with the wavelengths. If you ever saw the spectrum of wavelengths, blue light is more energetic and can easily be spread throughout the atmosphere unlike other colors.

So when light enters our atmosphere, the sun releases these particles. The results react with our perception. The sun is more yellow while the blue color is scattered in the atmosphere. The particles do this before reaching eye level where we can see the blue color in the sky!

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If you want to know an interesting case of wavelengths, take a look at sunsets for example. If you have ever seen a sunset in the horizon, your perception picks up an array of colors like yellow, orange, and red. How is this possible? This means that there is an increased amount of particles in the atmosphere.

The sun needs to deposit these in order for it to pass through the sky. So there you have it, this is the scientific explanation of why the sky is blue! Want to explore more on how it works? There is an experiment you partake in at your house if you are interested or want to see an example.

Here is what you need for this experiment

  • Flashlight
  • 2-Liter Pop Bottle
  • Milk
  • Water

The process is simple as well

  1. Fill the 2-liter pop bottle three-fourths with water and prop the flashlight so it shines through the bottle.
  2. Add a teaspoon of milk to the bottle of water.
  3. Put the cap on and shake the mixture.
  4. From there, take your observations. If the bottle is not completely blue, keep adding milk to the bottle
  5. Once you get the blue color, continue adding milk until you see orange or red light.


In short, the blue wavelength scatters more easily in the atmosphere compared to other colors. You should also try this experiment to see it yourself. This is the scientific explanation of why the sky is blue!

Written by: Alicia Bartona

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