Yellow Belt Certification

Certified lean six sigma yellow belt is a six sigma expert who understands everything about the methodology. To be a six sigma expert, you need to have a yellow belt certification so that many organizations can trust you with their projects.

After certification, you will have a good understanding of the six sigma concept, and businesses can hire you to help them in conducting green belt projects.

Through the use of PDCA (plan, do, check, act) and DMAIC yellow belt, certified professionals can identify business activities that may be facing problems and improve them.

This qualification is mainly required in the quality management sector of the organization.

These professionals work with Black and Green belts to ensure high-quality projects are achieved in the organization.

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Certification Testing

yellow belt certification

Yellow belt certification is conducted by IASSC, and before you become a certified lean six sigma yellow belt, you need to undergo a certification testing.

There is a onetime exam that is involved, and upon passing of the exam, you become ready for the certification.

The exam contains a total of 60 questions, but it may include an addition of 6 questions which are not accounted for. You don’t have to give your own answers as there are specific answers which are provided as a multiple choice.

You only pick the most appropriate answer, but some will only have true/false as the answers to pick.

The exam is conducted in 165 countries throughout the world, with over 8000 exam centers. There is also a web-based system where a candidate can do the exam.

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As many people are sitting for this exam, IASSC has accredited some providers to help in administering the exam.


yellow belt certification

There are no pre-requirements for you to sit for the exam. However, you need to pay a small fee by buying an exam voucher from the accredited provider in your region.

You can buy the voucher online and sit for the exam. For you to have yellow belt certification from IASSC, you must pass the exam by getting not less than 230 points out of 300 points.


Like any other exam having some preparations before sitting for IASSC exam will increase your chances of passing.

This is not compulsory, but if you want to pass without struggle, you can get basic training from a lean six sigma trainer, qualified institution, or corporate program.

With practice, you will know what to expect during the actual exam.


yellow belt certification

If you pass the exam, you become eligible for accreditation and IASSC issues you with a certificate to prove that you are a certified six sigma yellow belt expert.

With the certification, you can work for different organizations to help them in achieving their goals.


Yellow belt certification is a necessity if you want to build your career in the quality management sector. With this, many companies will hire you to help them in implementing six sigma methodologies to have successful projects.

As a certified lean six sigma yellow belt, you help companies to identify problems, and come up with permanent solutions making it a marketable course.

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